RKS: Rogi Kalyan Samiti

Objectives the RKS:

  1. Upgrade and modernize the health services provided by the hospital and any associated outreach services;
  2. Supervise the implementation of National Health Programs at the hospital and other health institutions that may be placed under its administrative jurisdiction;
  3. Introduce transparency with regard to management of funds;
  4. Ensure accountability of the public health providers to the community;
  5. Undertake construction and expansion in the hospital building;
  6. Establish affiliations with private institutions to upgrade services;
  7. Ensure optimal use of hospital land as per govt. guidelines;


  1. Expanding the hospital building, in consultation with and subject to any Guidelines that may be laid down by the State Government;
  2. Acquiring equipment, furniture, ambulance (through purchase, donation, rental or any other means, including loans from banks) for the hospital;
  3. Identifying the problems faced by the patients in CHC/PHC;
  4. Making arrangements for the maintenance of hospital building (including residential buildings), vehicles and equipment available with the hospital;
  5. Improving boarding / lodging arrangements for the patients and their attendants;
  6. Entering into partnership arrangement with the private sector (including individuals) for the improvement of support services such as cleaning services, laundry services, diagnostic facilities and ambulatory services etc.;