To develop a quality management program that is systematic organization wide and consistent with our mission vision values and strategic plan.

To provide a continuous quality management system to monitor, evaluate and improve care for the hospital soas to ensure high standards of quality and safety for patients.

To further ensure protection of patient right and ethical, practices across.

To hold project leaders, work groups departmental heads and management accountable for the application of performance improvement principles and the aggressive pursuit of improved performance.

To define the accreditation roadmap of the organization

Review quality measurement reports from departments and services as well as benchmark data from external sources.

Ensure that staff education plans are in accordance with quality improvement priorities.

Oversee risk management activities for all the hospital facilities E.G. fire safety trainings, biomedical waste management trainings.

To evaluate patient satisfaction and the quality of patient care through objective and systematic monitoring of services and to recommend and oversee corrective action when problems are identified.

Establishment of Medical Governance Committees and review of their performance.