Medical Record

The Medical Record is a scientific document, containing patient’s identification dates, illness, history, physical examination, clinical findings, investigations, diagnosis, treatment given and end results.

  • Morbidity data’s
  • Mortality data’s
  • Pattern of Medico Legal Case treated.
  • Statistics on Notifiable Diseases
  • In-Patient, Out-Patient department wise statistics
  • Delivery statistics
  • Compilation and presentation of any other kind of statistics as required by the M.C.I., are prepared
  • Case sheet issue register is being maintained


The Medical records are private and confidential only can be issued to patient himself/herself, or her/his legally authorized heir or representative under section 8(i) (e) & (j) of RTI Act. The attested copy of ID Proof showing relationship with patient, and /or proof of legal authorization needs to be submitted before documents can be issued.